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Freedom Hair Prosthesis - Wig for Alopecia

The Freedom Hair prosthesis is a vacuum hairpiece. A vacuum wig does not require any tape, glue or adhesive and creates a comfortable suction (or “vacuum”) to the scalp due to its custom fit and all silicone cap.


Freedom wig hairpieces are recommended for clients who have long term, extensive hair loss. To wear one of our hairpieces your head will need to be clean shaven or you must have no growth at all on your scalp. A vacuum wig is an incredibly secure hairpiece. Our most active clients include gymnasts, track runners, fitness instructors, and the like.


Each wig crafted is unique and tailor made specifically to its owner. A custom fit is achieved by taking a three-dimensional scan of your head or a plaster mold. This helps to re-create your hairline shape, crown and parting to ensure a perfect fit for suction. The scan or mold is then used to make a thin, soft, non-irritating silicone cap which will be tinted to match your skin color....And our cap is now vapor permeable, an improvement in the past few years that has been very well received for clients living in warmer climates.


Hair in the color of your choice is then finely implanted into the silicone. To create a natural look and movement, each strand of hair is implanted one at a time. All Freedom Wigs are made from the highest quality unprocessed human hair. You may choose to wear it down, in a ponytail or in an up-do, and you can have these highlighted, low lighted or permed to create your individual style.


Freedom Wig 


Our NEW all-silicone, medical grade prostheses require no other adhesives. The softness of all silicone equates to even better security. It is now moisture (vapor) permeable, so it lets the water vapor pass through the cap (which makes up most of perspiration). It is also waterproof; you can wash the interior without getting the hair wet and when you do sweat, the hair remains dry!




Security: No sliding or dislodging


As many will testify, traditional off-the-shelf and ready-to-wear wigs can be unpredictable. By ensuring a custom fit by taking a three-dimensional laser scan of your head/scalp, Freedom Wigs will only move or come off when you take them off. The suction base is extremely secure, giving you the freedom to play sports, swim, do gymnastics, go horseback riding, ski, dance…all without restriction.


Comfort: No more scratching and scalp irritation


Cap materials and hair ends in generic wigs tend to irritate sensitive scalps. Freedom Wigs are smooth, light and feel like a second skin. The hair ends are sealed inside the soft silicone cap, and don’t come into contact with the scalp. You’ll feel the stylist’s fingers on your scalp during styling, and the stylist will feel only hair and scalp too – no thick edges.


Look: Hair that looks, feels and behaves like the real thing


Freedom Wigs are made from virgin (unprocessed), European human hair – hair that hasn’t been bleached, dyed or processed in any way. When ordering your hair prosthesis, you are able to specify the following features: length, hair color, scalp color, texture, curl, density, and crown/part location. You can also choose more than one color and have them blended to create a more diverse range of color. 

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