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Freedom Wig Product Information

Freedom Wigs are custom made using a vapor permeable soft silicone base that is implanted with the highest quality unprocessed human hair. Each hair piece is made to the specifications of that client, which include hair length, scalp color, hair color, wave pattern, and density.  Freedom Hair wigs are difficult to dislodge and do not come off accidentally due to the silicone to scalp grip.  The result is a secure, realistic and natural looking wig. They look and feel like real hair and will allow you to live your life doing the things you love to do.   Whether you are dancing, playing sports, or going for a swim the Freedom Wig's vacuum base allows you to move forward and live your life!


Each hairpiece that is crafted by Freedom Hair, is totally unique, and is tailored specifically to each individual wearing it.


Resilience Hair Group achieves the perfect fit by using a 3-D color laser scan of your head. This helps re-create your hairline shape, crown, and parting. A soft, permeable silicone cap tinted to match your skin color is fitted to your mold and this exact fit creates the suction effect that withstands the rigors of daily life--even the strongest wind!  The vacuum is also known as a scalp wig.


Untreated human hair of the finest quality is then implanted into the silicone. To create a natural look and movement that is just like the real thing, we ensure an even spread of hair by inserting just one or two hairs at a time.


Once fitted with your new prosthesis, you are ready for salon styling!


Freedom Wig Product Advantages


Security: No sliding. No dislodging


As many will testify, traditional off-the-shelf, stretch cap, and ready-to-wear fashion wigs can be unpredictable. While the stretch caps, elastic, and "velcro" versions work adequately over a head of hair, they slide on a bald scalp.


By ensuring a perfect fit that creates suction, Freedom Hair wigs are difficult to dislodge and do not come off accidentally.


Comfort: No more scratching and scalp irritation


Cap materials and hair ends in generic stretch wigs tend to irritate sensitive scalps, especially those with alopecia.


Freedom Hair wigs are smooth, light, and feel like a second skin. The hair ends are sealed inside the soft silicone cap and don't come into contact with the scalp. You'll feel the stylist's fingers on your scalp during styling, and the stylist will feel only hair and scalp too - no thick edges!


Looks: Hair that looks, feels, and behaves like the real thing


Most stretch fashion wigs just don't look or behave like real hair. This is because synthetic fibers discolor in the sun or frizz with heat, while the "wefted" net based types open up like a venetian blind to show areas of hairless scalp between rows of elastic and hair weft.


Even some human hair wigs lack the bounce and resilience of real hair. That's because they're made from highly processed Asian or Indian hair that has been stripped of cuticle and color, and dyed for the European market.


Freedom Hair wigs are made from top-quality virgin European hair--hair that hasn't been bleached, dyed, or processed. Of course, if you are of Asian or Indian descent, your hairpiece can be made using appropriate Asian or Indian hair.

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