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Resources for Alopecia


National Alopecia Areata Foundation (NAAF)


This is a non-profit organization that funds international

research in alopecia areata, provides international support

and education through support groups and contacts, and

annual patient conferences held throughout the U.S.






This a large social networking site for people with

Alopecia with members worldwide.




Bald Girls Do Lunch


Thea Chassin founded this non-profit in 2007. This network

was created as the first non-profit support organization

devoting all its resources to the emotional and practical needs

of women with alopecia areata.




Childrens Alopecia Project


The Children’s Alopecia Project is a non-profit organization

directed specifically to children with alopecia. Their goals are

to generate public awareness of the disease, raise money

for research and build self-esteem via support group

participation for children and their parents.






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