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My Alopecia Story


Hi my name is Jody. As a young child with Alopecia, I suffered through the doubts, stared fear in the face, and was able to overcome my uncertainties. Life's gift to me was not the regrowth of my own hair, but the strength that came from knowing who I really was, and embracing my own destiny. Life has brought me full circle. My condition is no longer a curse; it is a vehicle for bringing joy and freedom to others.

The Alopecia Diagnosis

My story actually began at the age of 9. I was frightened and scared to find a quarter sized spot on the back of my head. My parents were even more anxious than I was. And so began, a never ending stream of doctor and hospital visits, experiments, ointments, creams, medicines, and even shots. As a little girl I was overwhelmed and felt uncertain of what was going on.


Coping with Alopecia

As I grew up, I found comfort in sports where I could excel and be accepted despite any spots on my head. I threw myself into my activities and tried to forget my disease. I was elated to be offered a basketball scholarship and went on to college with high hopes and aspirations. It was a new chapter in my life. Yet, by my second year of university my hair started falling out faster than it ever had before. The girl I thought I knew was not the one looking back at me in the mirror. This extreme hair loss began changing me, changing my personality. Fear began to creep in. I no longer felt confident. I tried different types of hairpieces that used tapes or glues. The irritations, discomfort, and ugliness depressed me. Worst of all, I could not trust them to stay on when I played sports, ran, jumped, or swam. I sank into hopeless feelings of loss, wondering what was left of life for me.

Finding Freedom

I continued a prisoner to Alopecia until the day I finally found Freedom - Freedom vacuum hairpieces! To say they changed my life would be an understatement. The beauty and security of my custom fit vacuum piece meant I could once again enjoy sports at full force, I could dance the night away, I could feel confident and unafraid. I will never forget the moment I dove into a lake with my new hair and saw, as I came up, my father standing there in tears. “I have not seen you do that in years!” were his words to me. My joy was his joy.


The Blessing of Freedom

My family’s happiness mirrored my own. They have fully supported my on my alopecia journey. They have been to support group meetings, conferences, alopecia events etc.  They have been my rock when I was not strong.  With their support and me finding Freedom hair I have come out on the other side.   For 15 years I was a spokes-model for an automotive company.  I have traveled all over the country speaking to large crowds, and not letting Alopecia stop me. My passion for Freedom hair and helping others has started my on this journey of sharing my experience and knowledge.  

I have been married to my best friend and biggest supporter for over 15 years! I am surrounded by my parents, my 2 brothers, 2 sisters, nieces and nephews who love me unconditionally and who encourage me to chase my dreams. I am moving forward and living life! Thanks Freedom!

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