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Freedom Hair under water swimming!

Freedom Hair swim wigs - yes, you can swim!

If you have alopecia and love to swim, wearing wigs in the water is a real concern.  A wig in water has always been a challenge with Alopecia.  When wearing traditional wigs you have to worry about how the wig will stay on and how it will look when wet.  If you plan to submerge your head at all, a traditional wig will stretch out and not have a natural look.  We have heard numerous stories of the problems people have had.  

Water Ski Wig

The Freedom Wig is a great swim wig and great for being active in sports.

With the Freedom vacuum wig you can dive right in and swim until your heart is content.  The Freedom Wig cap is made of medical grade silicon and will not stretch when wet.  The suction base is extremely secure giving you the Freedom to live life without restriction.  Because of the suction fit, you will now be able to enjoy swimming or being active at the beach or pool and the wig will not come off.  Since hair is implanted in the direction it would normally grow, it looks natural when it is wet.  Pictures below are Freedom Hair wearers in action.  Are you ready to start living again?

Contact us to start living your life again.

Miami Paradise -959.jpg
Miami Paradise -907.jpg

The suction base is extremely secure, giving

you the freedom to play sports, swim, do gymnastics, ski, dance…all without restriction.

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